“The best place on the island for animal care. The staff is very friendly and caring. The have the best animal surgeons on the island, combined with 24 hr emergency care there’s no place better. Our cat has just come through facial surgery that required his jaw to be wired and meant him having to use a feeding tube, the staff was always there to answer any concerns we had in the month or so we had to use the tube. Dr Ben was always there to follow up with us and explain anything g we had questions about. Dr Wilhuaer has always followed up with calls also when he has worked with our animals. It’s a comfort to know they are there in a emergency, we have had to bring in our cat at 2:30 am before and are grateful for the great care their staff provided. All the vets we’ve worked with seem very knowledgeable and caring, we have always been seen on time and never had to wait for any extended period of time.”

– Anthony P, Google

“My fiancé and I brought our cat here on an emergency visit. It was the weekend and we were hard pressed to find other animal clinics that were open. The doctor saw us right away and the staff was consistent with keeping us updated on the status of our furry friend. The doctor was incredibly thorough and honest with us about the situation. Although we had to make the incredibly difficult call to put our beloved cat to sleep, our hearts were warmed when we received a condolences card in the mail a few days later. When we are ready to adopt again, we will definitely be taking our newest family member here for all of its regular visits.”

– Kait C, Yelp

“1st of all, they are AWESOME! The staff were very friendly, helpful, thorough suggesting all the options we could get and professional in every way. That’s sad there are some people with no aloha complaining about their service but hey it’s business, if you owe them money, you have to pay. If you think you are not getting your turn in the order, you can just talk to them to check up. Complaints about hours or rate? Ridiculous. You simply have to follow the system/policy they provide. Even small kids know that. We need to appreciate them that they are the one and only 1 vet 24/7 available on this small island for our beloved pet. We do know they work really hard for us. Again thank you so much for your service!!”

– Midori S, Google

“Took my dog Nukuwai for surgery 2 weeks ago. He had a fungus growth in his sinus. He was the second known case on Maui, so it was perhaps very rare. The veterinarian said there was a 93% success rate post surgery. 2 weeks later, so far so good. I am pleased that he performed the surgery with my main veterinarian from Wailuku Pet Clinic. I trust this vet for major surgeries:)”

– Lena N, Yelp

“My small 10 lb. Pet needed to be evaluated for an injury sustained to her back area. We are in our 70s but called this Kahului facility it was late in the evening but traveled from upcountry to Kahului. Upon entering the facility it was well lit and welcoming. Vet assistant. Receptionist and Dr. Kamakau. Friendly. Warm. Caring. Office visit. Radiology. Medication. Mahalo nui loa. For our first experience..WOW!”

– Uilani M, Google

“Dr. Curtis Wilhauer treated our mini schnauzer last year because she was constantly chewing her paws. Dr. Curtis did a thorough exam and prescribed a medication that has been very helpful. Sadly, we lost the medication during our travels and another veterinarian wasn’t as helpful. Needing a copy of the prescription right away, I contacted Central Maui Animal Clinic and they were so helpful. Lori faxed the documents to the local veterinarian and also sent me a copy via email. I am so grateful for the entire team at Central Maui Animal Clinic. Mahalo.”

– D.C., Yelp

“I am very careful when picking just the right veterinarian for my dog. I loved this place and am so stoked I found just the right Doc for my pet’s care.”

– Lisa S, Google

“I’ve known Dr. McCurdy for two years now and he is always been there for me and for all of my fur babies his team si wonderful and very helpful:) even though i am from kahului I drive all the way to Kihei to have him check all my schnauzer babies:) thank you so much:)”

– Lyn O, Facebook

“Thank you all for saving Mr. Handsome! So glad you’re in Kihei and that you specialize in small pets like our Lions Head rabbit. He’s back to his honory self!?”

– Chaz H, Google

“Dr McCurdy and all the staff are so friendly and knowledgeable. We have had both our dogs seen in the Kahului clinic but we are so happy he is in Kihei now!”

– Melissa G, Facebook

“I would like to thank Dr. Paul McCurdy and the staff at South Maui Animal Clinic for everything they did for me and my dog. I had to make the hardest choice any pet lover has to make and let my best friend go. It was extremely difficult for me and everyone was very accommodating and comforting throughout the entire time. I appreciate everything and will never forget it.”

– Ralph P, Google

“Brand new facility, well trained, cordial staff, the doctors are very empathetic and finally a place that my pets feel safe.”

– Fernando R, Facebook

“Super helpful and friendly staff!  They go the extra mile and have provided after hours help and advice that saved me from frequent panic attacks with my puppies antics.  Having my girls spayed at the clinic turned out effortless and I love that my puppies are never afraid to go inside or of the staff.  Would recommend highly!”

– Amy V, Yelp

“If you need a vet in West Maui this us the one for you. Used to take our pets to Kehei until West Maui Animal clinic opened. Mahalo for taking good care of our critters when they need it.”

– Phillip J, Google

“Dr. Casey IS AMAZING!!!!! I cannot say enough good things about what a special veterinarian he is. I have brought my dogs here for years and he is not only the ultimate professional, extremely knowledgeable but also obviously loves animals. We all know our pets hate going to the vet but Dr. Casey always seems to put my dog at ease. My dog loves to stand on the bench in the examination room- Dr. Casey doesn’t mind & examines him right there. 🙂 On top of that Dr. Casey thoroughly explains what is going on with your beloved companion in a way that you can easily understand. The staff is also lovely and I feel so fortunate that I can trust them with my best friend. THANK YOU all for the years of amazing service.”

– Tara A, Yelp

“We had a wonderful experience with West Maui Animal Clinic. Brian was very helpful in guiding me through the process & answering any questions. Tigger, Patches & Mr. Tims seem to like their new home. Thank you!”

– Justine B, Google

“I really love this place. Although it’s never fun to bring your dog to the vet, the staff here makes it much more bearable. From the reception to the veterinarians, everyone seems to truly care and not just want my money. I’ll gladly pay the urgent fee for same day appointment because of the care and attention my dog receives when we come in. It’s always very clean and organized as well.”

– Erin W, Yelp

“I have these guys on speed dial. When I first got my kitten, he seemed to have had a seizure one night and had to call the emergency after hours number and Hillary (Dr. Nauss) met me at the clinic. Hillary knows what a punk my Cat is. Olie is always getting into trouble. Getting into cat fights, and getting bit by centipedes while he is taking a nap in the yard has hurt my wallet. They do the best they can with his attitude. I appreciate them so much the time they gave him a flea bath. I don’t even bother taking him in for his check ups because he gets so mad there, they have to sedate him every time which cost me around $300 to knock him out. Everyone there seems to do a great job taking care of him. I don’t remember every ones name but I always feel comfortable when I see Hillary Nauss there.”

– Danielle M, Yelp