Pet Blood Donor Program

Our Mission:

To provide quality, pathogen-free and blood-typed blood products within the Maui Animal Clinics, and other neighbor veterinary clinics. With our program just emerging, we will start with whole blood products, then move to fresh frozen plasma and packed cells. We will be focusing on canines and will work towards a feline program.

Purpose of Blood Donation Products:

The blood produced throughout our program will be used for traumatic injuries, parasitic and immune-related disease, surgical procedures, and any other life-threatening problems.

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Donation Criteria

  • Male/female intact or neutered animals
  • Age 1-7 yrs
  • Weight over 50lbs (>22kg)
  • Up to date on vaccines
  • On current flea, tick and HW prevention

Donor Expectations

  • Donate at least once per year (We will aim to notify owners at least 1 week in advance)
  • Be available for emergency donation
  • Consent for use of pictures and information for marketing purposes

Preliminary Examination & Testing

  • Laboratory screening & typing
  • Negative result for the following infectious diseases: Brucellosis, Babesia, Heartworm Disease, Ehrlichiosis, Ana plasma, and (Trypanosomiasis and Leishmania based on breed and travel history).
  • Blood typed: Identify universal donors, DEA4, DEA1, DEA1.2, DEA7, DEA3, DEA5 negative


  • Initial preliminary exam
  • Yearly CBC, 4Dx SNAP, Witness Lepto all WNL and checked by attending veterinarian

What to Expect on a Donation Day

  • Be on time
  • Fill out consent forms with attending technician/staff
  • Expect to leave pet for a few hours to ensure enough recovery time for attending staff to monitor for reactions or complications
  • Physical exam done by overseeing veterinarian
  • Expect small amount of hair to be shaved
  • A temporary neck bandage to ensure proper clotting and minimal bruising
  • Water will be offered post transfusion to replace blood volume

Questions? Contact:

Kiane Chong
Coordinator, Maui Animal Clinics Blood Donor Program

Or if you are interested in joining the program, complete our online sign up form!

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